About us

St Barth Commuter is the only commercial local airline based on the island of St Barthélemy.

Since 1995, the airline has continued to develop so that today, our services meet with the approval of all those who fly with us.
In April 2010 St Barth Commuter Celebrated it's 15th Birthday !! (1995-2010)

Employment :

If you are interested in joining the exciting and ever-evolving aviation industry while enjoying a high quality of life… then you should consider a career with St Barth Commuter.

Attn : Human Resources
Airport Gustav III – P.O Box 527

Cessna 208B

St Barth Commuter operates 4 CESSNA C208B - "Grand Caravan" and 1 BRITTEN NORMAN - BN2 "Islander"

CESSNA C208B - "Grand Caravan"

View our CESSNA CARAVAN pictures The Cessna Caravan is a well-proven single-engine turboprop powered by a legendary reliable 675 Horsepower Pratt & Whitney engine. Since it’s first entry into service in 1986, the caravan has accumulated over 11 million hours of flight time and acquired a worldwide reputation of being an exceptional performer on short strip and un-prepared runway even in marginal weather conditions.
  • Cruise speed : 170 Kt
  • Seating configuration : Scheduled : 9 passengers, Charter : 7 passengers
  • Engine : Pratt & Whitney PT6-114A
  • Avionics : Garmin G1000

In our commitment to safety, the extensive care that we provide to our engine has been rewarded. St Barth Commuter has been selected by the engine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney to be part of its Fleet Enhancement Program (FEP). This program enables the exchange of a core engine for a new one of the same model at mid-life.
Therefore our aircrafts are continuously flying with brand new engines to achieve above standard reliability, maximum fuel efficiency and minimal environmental emissions.


View our BRITTEN NORMAN - BN2 pictures
Multi-role, S.T.O.L, Strength, Safety, Reliability
These are the first five characteristics that will be used by any aviation professional to describe the Britten Norman Islander.
This twin-engine aircraft was designed with the requirement of solving transportation problems simply and economically in some of the world’s harshest environment.
  • Cruise speed : 130 Kt
  • Seating configuration : Scheduled : 8 passengers, Charter : 7 passengers
  • Engine : Lycoming IO-540
  • Avionics : Bendix / King silver Crown