In Addition to our Scheduled flights and Executive charters flights in the Caribbean, St Barth Commuter offers a wide range of professionnal services : aircraft maintenance, airworthiness, and medical flights.

Continued Airworthiness Management Organization certificate :

Continued Airworthiness Management Organization


Our Continued Airworthiness Management Organization is responsible of the technical follow-up of our aircrafts and the maintenance control.
It is in charge of establishing the maintenance program of each aircraft, based on the manufacturer technical publications and recommendations, and makes sure all the maintenance operations are realized when they are due.
It is also responsible for the compliance of Service Bulletins, and Airworthiness Directives issued by manufacturers and authorities to ensure the highest level of safety.

St Barth Commuter’s CAMO has also demonstrated its capability of performing Airworthiness Review and is authorized since March 2010, to perform Airworthiness review on the type of aircraft listed in its approval schedule.

Aproval and certification

Our Continued Airworthiness Management Organization is EASA Part M/G + I certified. All of our airworthiness management procedures and operations are realized under the stringent European rules and are regularly supervised by the French authorities (GSAC).
Our organization also undergoes an annual audit program conducted by our own Quality Management department.