Villa rental - St Barth

1 bedroom

Villa Alphane - Mont Jean

Whether you’re in St. Barth for a honeymoon, anniversary, proposal or no reason at all beyond being in love with the island and your companion, the property is a romantic cocoon of comforts and lets you focus on each other.

Villa BelAmour - Pointe Milou

Owners conceived this intimate hideaway as an ode to romance, which makes the one-bedroom luxury rental property perfect for honeymooners, proposal givers, anniversary celebrators, and anyone who is simply joyful about being in love.

Villa Beach House - Flamands

Decorated in a a clean, simple style employing shades of white and natural wood accents, Villa Beach House is a dreamlike idyll right on the remote and peaceful western end of Flamands Beach.

2 bedrooms

Villa Amalie - Marigot

Villa Amalie perched on the Marigot hillside offers a splendid view over Marigot bay. It features two bedrooms and two bathrooms. This lovely villa has a charming character thanks to a chic and ethnic style mixed with Danish design in strong black and white contrast.

Villa Milou Hideaway - Pointe-Milou

One of the most popular two-bedrooms on St. Barth, Villa Milou Hideaway is an spectacular hideaway in Pointe Milou. This is luxury rental property with soul—as well dramatic sunset views over the Caribbean Sea.

3 bedrooms

Villa Bellissima - Lurin

Located high on the hillside of Lurin above Gouverneur Beach, Villa Bellissima looks out over a stunning stretch of blue sea and sky.

Villa Gouverneur Dream

The entrance to Villa Gouverneur Dream leads conveniently into an impressive open-plan kitchen and dining area, but you will only pause there to set down your bags before heading straight out to the terrace. Take in the view down the lush hillside of poirier trees and cacti sloping down to the palms beside Gouverneur beach below.

Villa Reef Point - St Jean

Villa Reef Point looks down over the clear blue water and out over the curve of the white sand beach. Recently built and decorated in contemporary style, this home will entice you to extend your stay.

Villa Teman - St Jean

Located near a hilltop ridge overlooking St. Jean, the vantage point of Villa Teman provides stunning views of the blue waters of the bay below, the leeward side of the island, St. Maarten in the distance, and of course the unforgettable beauty of our St. Barth sunsets.

4 bedrooms and more

Villa Angelique - St Jean

Villa Angelique embodies a kind of glorious serenity that is meant to be enjoyed with those we love. The vacation home has four bedrooms that are identical in size and amenities, making it well suited for families with grown children or groups of friends to share.

Villa Apache - St Jean

Villa Apache is very close to St. Jean, Gustavia and all the activities there, but the feeling inside is one of enjoying quiet, calm and good company, of settling into your own world with no need to venture down the hill and into the activity below.

Villa The View - Colombier

From a particularly high promontory in the hills of Colombier, Villa The View lives up to its name: in addition to having the best vista over the harbor and ships moored off Public, guests at Villa VUE can see all the way to the far-off islands of Nevis to the south. Richly appointed with a decor of dark hardwoods and sumptuous chocolate-hued leather, this is one of the island’s finest properties.

Villa Angelina - Gustavia

Just a short walk from Gustavia, Villa Angelina offers a pleasant and relaxing ambience on a terraced hillside with beautifully landscaped gardens. Constructed as a series of separate bungalows on different levels, complete with a pool on one level and a magnificently tiled Jacuzzi on another, Villa ANG offers privacy as well as a great space for entertaining.

Villa Hill House - Camaruche

The stone path at the entryway to Villa Hill House leads to a choice: On your right, a jaw-dropping view of the Atlantic, the islands of Tintamarre and Anguilla visible in the distance. On your left, a home so inviting and elegant that it rivals the natural beauty of the Caribbean itself. Where do you gaze first? Villa Hill House is one of the island’s masterpieces of design.

Villa Rose - Gouverneur

Near the very top of Gouverneur, Villa Rose is a newly constructed property offering splendid views over St. Barth’s wild island hillsides, St. Jean Bay and the Caribbean. This luxurious rental home was thoughtfully designed as a collection of individual structures connected by decks and the pool. In this way, the villa is fully integrated into the landscape while each bedroom enjoys a great degree of privacy.

Villa Wings - St Jean

Villa Wings is a brand-new construction that joins the ranks of the island’s top luxury homes, offering uncompromising quality in every aspect of design and decor. With a classic St. Barth view over the clear blue waters of St. Jean Bay and Pelican Beach, this four-bedroom home is certain to become one of the most sought-after vacation homes in Sibarth’s portfolio.

5 bedrooms and more

Villa My Way - Colombier

The newly built Villa My Way in fact lets its privileged occupants have it both ways. The first thing that catches your eye after you ascend the steps—which themselves are designed to represent a piano—is a gleaming black-lacquered grand piano, given pride of place in the living room under a curvaceous midcentury-modern lamp.

Villa Roxane - Gouverneur

Villa Roxane offers the rare advantage of a large property with a vista over perfect blue water while being conveniently located in town. Hidden on the southern coast on the far side of the port, Villa Roxane (ROX) provides the best of both worlds with a clean, modern style.

Villa Sand Club - Flamands

Sand Club (Villa SCL) stands apart as a truly peerless property in the highly competitive field of St. Barth’s most impressive homes. Villa SCL’s pleasing design and refined sense of style matches the high expectations set by its ideal location. This is what might be called new Gold Coast of the island, the white-sand beach of the Baie de Flamands, where prestigious hotels and top villas set the standard for comfort and luxury.

Villa La Banane - Lorient

Villa BAN, "La Banane," is one such secluded spot. Hidden in the heart of the Caribbean on the island of St. Barth just a short walk Lorient beach, La Banane has a legendary past as a luxury hotel peopled with stars who for years were faithful visitors to the most Parisian nightclub in the French West Indies.