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Antigua is the main gateway to St Barths for passengers flying from London and United Kingdom. Flights from London are operated by British Airways and Virgin Atlantic.

Flight duration between Antigua and Saint Barthelemy is 40 minutes.

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Dailymail : Pippa and James Middleton jet into St Barts from Antigua

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Jeremy M. on tripadvisor

Got the BA flight yesterday to Antigua to connect with the 4:30 scheduled flight direct to St Barths - excellent experience all around, and thoroughly recommend it for those (like us) who want to fly direct from London and not transit through St Martin. We were met and greeted as we left the BA plane, and then escorted through immigration (using a special lane that by-passed the big queue), through customers, our bags were then taken from us to be later put onto the connecting plane, and we were then escorted through departures/security etc and taken to the executive lounge. the same person then came to get us and take us to the st barths commuter plane, very good flight about 35 mins. It would have been easy to get a bit confused/unsure where to go had we not had the hand-holding, and all in all we'd recommend it to anyone thinking of doing this connection.

Fb2000 on tripadvisor

I concur with jeremy M.'s positive experiences with St Barths Commuter from Antigua following our connection a couple of week's ago. We arrived on the BA flight and from previous experience used the lane for locals at passport control as passengers in intransit are also allowed to use it. Whilst waiting for our bags to arrive we were approached by SBC's ground agent who advised we had the choice to wait for the other connecting passengers or to go ahead to wait in the Business Lounge in the departure area. As our bags immediately appeared we chose to go ahead. Our bags were taken by another agent and we were escorted through customs to passport control. As no boarding passes were issued to us we instead showed our reservation to the passport officer who then waved us through. We had time for 2 drinks in the lounge when at 15.30 we were informed that the aircraft had arrived in Antigua and was ready to depart to St Barths as the other 3 passengers were in the process of clearing security. We were in the air by 15.55 and after a 35 minute flight arrived in St Barths 45 minutes ahead of the published schedule I had time for quick swim in St Jean Bay before it got dark ! I suspect the 16.30 departure time is to allow enough time for connecting passengers to clear immigration but if everyone is ready they can go early. Overall, a great experience.

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