Travel Information

General information

Prior to your departure, we recommend that you check the entry and travel requirements for your destination country/countries by contacting the proper embassies or consulates. You must have all required documents with you during travel:
- Identity card
- Passport
- Residence card
- Visa, etc.

Please note that some countries (USA, Canada) require some special formalities:
- A valid passport several months after the expected date of return.
- A return ticket or continuity.
- Obtaining an electronic travel authorization (ESTA).

It is your own responsibility to check the expiration dates of these documents as well as the required entry formalities according to your nationality. Otherwise, you must pay all fees or fines attributed to St Barth Commuter by Authorities.
For more informatio, you can also consult TravelDoc.

Important - Entrance into Saint-Barthelemy
If you need a VISA to enter into the territory of SAINT-BARTHELEMY, be sure you have the right document before your trip. Please contact the French Ambassy of your country of residence to make the right travel formalities before your departure.
For further information about your entrance on the island of St-Barths, please contact the Police/Immigration Services by calling: +(590) 590 511 703.
See the reference text Legifrance.

Important - Entry and transit in Sint Maarten:
All passengers arriving and/or connecting to the Princess Juliana International Airport in Sint Maarten (SXM), must hold a valid passport. The national ID Card is not accepted.

Our policy is to improve the service of transport and delivery of baggage to passengers. Given the size of the luggage holds of our aircraft, it is necessary to restrict the weight of luggage carried by our passengers. To avoid any inconvenience at the time of check-in, we invite you to take note of these tips to prepare your luggage.

Cabin luggage

Carry-on bags allowance and size requirements
You are allowed a maximum weight of 12Kg/26lbs for all your carry-on bags, accessories and carry-on pet included. The size of your cabin baggage is limited to 50x35x25 cm / 20x14x10 inches, pockets, wheels and handles included; Your accessory luggage is limited to 40x30x15 cm / 16x12x6 inches.
Any non-compliant cabin baggage will be checked and carried in the hold. Fees may apply.

Excess luggage
If you exceed your 12 Kg baggage allowance (included in the price of your ticket) on our scheduled flights, you will be asked to pay an extra-fee of 5 euros per extra kilogram.

Authorized accessories in cabin.
You may carry a personal accessory in addition to your carry-on luggage: A purse or briefcase or bag for a laptop, camera or other electronic device.

For reasons of safety, security or cabin space restrictions, passengers are reminded that cabin baggage has to be checked in or transferred to our luggage hold compartment at boarding. In this event, you must inform our ground staff the presence of any restricted items not permitted in checked baggage to keep them in the cabin. These include:

- Lithium cells or batteries,
- E-cigarettes,
- Powerbanks.

Checked baggage

Baggage allowance and size requirements
If you are traveling on a scheduled flight, the maximum weight of your checked baggage included in the price of your ticket is 23Kg/50Lbs. If you are travelling with more than one passenger, the allowances for each passenger cannot be combined in the same piece of luggage. If the weight of your baggage is over your baggage allowance without exceeding 32Kg/70Lbs , you will have to pay an excess weight fee at check-in .
Beyond 32Kg/70lbs, luggage will be systematically refused at check-in.

If you are traveling on a private charter flight, you are allowed to transport a maximum total weight of 210kg / 463lbs for the whole aircraft (maximum 7 people). Over 7 people, a baggage allowance will be communicated to you by our Reservation Department.

The size of your hold baggage must not exceed 80x60x35 cm / 31x24x14 inches, pockets, wheels and handles included. Beyond this size we can not guarantee their transportation considering the size of your hold luggage compartments.

Baggage allowance for babies
We give you an extra allowance of 10Kg / 22 Lbs if you are traveling with a baby. This baggage allowance includes baby accessories (stroller-cane 15 x 30 x 100 cm, changing bag, maxicosy). Larger strollers are taken into account in your baggage allowance.

Excess luggage
If you exceed your 23Kg baggage allowance (included in the price of your ticket) on our scheduled flights, you will be asked to pay an extra-fee of 5 euros per extra kilogram.

Extra luggage
Additional baggage is considered as excess baggage and will be charged at the current rate.

Oversized baggage – Sports and leisure equipments
Due to the size of your hold luggage compartments, windsurfing boards, surfboards, bicycles, ect. are not accepted.

Sports equipment and objects over 120cm / 74inches in length are not accepted.

For security reasons, hoverboards, Segway and any other small personal transportation devices for leisure purposes and powered by lithium batteries are not accepted on our airline, neither in hold baggage nor in hand luggage.

Some sports equipment, such as, kite surfing, golf bag, etc. are subject to the prior agreement of the company by contacting our reservation department and specifying the dimensions (length, width, height) of the equipment that you want to carry.

Those equipments are considered to be excess baggage and and fee may be applied at the current rate.

Prohibited and regulated articles for transport

For safety reason, some items or products are prohibited on board the aircraft. Others are regulated and can only travel in your checked or cabin baggage under certain conditions. In some cases, a prior agreement is required for their transport.
Please consult the list of prohibited and regulated goods on the AirBag app.

All information on the prohibitions and limitations derives from the safety (dangerous goods) and safety regulations applicable from France. Health rules and customs exemptions are not taken into account. If you would like information on customs and tax exemptions in value and quantity, please consult the Customs website.

For security reasons, it is forbidden to place in your luggage any explosive, flammable, corrosive, radioactive or magnetic products, as well as any fragile, perishable or prohibited article by the Regulations.

We do not allow the transport of:
- Sport weapons and ammunition..
- Electric bicycles powered by lithium batteries.
- Small Personal transportation devices (Electric Scooters, Hoverboard, Monocycle, Segway, Wave board, Motorized Suitcase and Other Multi Wheel Carriers)

Liquid and regulated articles in the cabin
For reasons of safety, liquids, creams, gels, perfumes, aerosols, as well as pasty substance food products are authorized in cabin baggage in a limited quantity, in compliance with the following conditions:
- Each container must not exceed 100ml /3.4 oz.
- The containers must be placed in a closed transparent plastic bag whose maximum dimensions must be 20x20 cm / 8x8 inches.
- The volume of the bag must not exceed 1 liter.
- Only one bag is allowed per passenger.

A prescription may be required for the transport in the cabin of liquid medicines, dietary products necessary for travel. Liquid food and infant beverage are permitted.

Traveling with portable electronic devices and their spare batteries

The transportation of electronic devices powered by lithium batteries or batteries is strictly regulated. Please read the limitation and provisions for carriage.

Electronic cigarettes must be carried on one's own but cannot be used and / or recharged on board. Their spare batteries must be transported in the cabin. They are prohibited in the hold.

Your electronic devices (laptop, smartphone, tablet) should be transported preferably in your cabin baggage. If for size reasons, your electronic device has to travel in your hold baggage, you must:

- Switch off and prevent accidental activation of your device during transport. Make sure your device is not in sleep mode and turns on unintentionally.
- Protect your devices from shock by packing them in a rigid pouch or in their original packaging.
- Do not place near flammable items (aerosols, perfumes)

Lithium spare batteries as well as external batteries (power bank type) are prohibited in the hold baggage and must only be transported in the cabin. They must be individually protected to prevent short circuits.

For more information on transportation conditions and precautions for traveling with such items, please refer to the following documents:
Provisions for carriage of Dangerous Goods
Limitations lithium batteries

All minors traveling with their parents or guardians must have their own identity document: a valid passport in the minor's name. If the child does not have the same surname, please bring an official document (livret de famille, birth certificate) proving your filiation.

All minors traveling with a third party who does not have parental authority must be in possession of :
- a valid passport in the child's name
- A photocopy of a parent's or legal guardian's passport.
- If traveling abroad only : An authorization to leave the country signed by one of the parents holding parental authority, where required. A minor child living in France who travels abroad alone or unaccompanied by a parent or legal guardian must be in possession of an authorization to leave the country. To find out more about this formality, please consult the official Administration website.

We recommend that you check entry and residence formalities for minors with the embassy or consulate of the country of destination or correspondence. Some countries require additional administrative formalities.

Babies from 0 to 2 years old
A baby is considered to be any child who has not reached his second birthday at the beginning of his journey. The baby fare applies. He does not have his own seat and travels on the lap of the accompanying person. The baggage allowance for baby is 10 Kg.

If the second birthday is reached during the trip, the child fare applies to the journey concerned. He has his own seat and baggage allowance.

In order to respect the safety rules on board, a passenger cannot travel with 2 babies. For the safety of your baby during the flight, our ground staff will provide you with a suitable and approved belt. "Baby carriers" are not allowed as a retention device during the flight. We remind you that the allocation of seats at emergency exits is not allowed to passengers with babies.

Child from 2 to 11 years
All children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an independent adult of at least 18 years of age. The accompanying adult may be under 18 if he or she is the child's father, mother or legal guardian. We only accept unaccompanied children aged 6 and over.
Otherwise, they will be considered as "unaccompanied minors" (U.M): please read the associated transport conditions below.
We remind you that the allocation of seats at emergency exits is not allowed to minor children.

Child 12 years old and over
A child aged 12 or over on the date of travel may travel alone. The presence of an accompanying adult is not mandatory. The child traveling alone must carry a valid ID documentation and comply with the above formalities. 

Unaccompanied minors (U.M)
A UM is a child traveling alone and aged 6 to 11 years (included).
We accept unaccompanied children only on our scheduled flights between St. Barthelemy (SBH), St. Martin Grand Case (SFG) and Guadeloupe (PTP) and without transit.

The number of unaccompanied children being limited per flight, please send your request to our reservation service. Upon confirmation, you will complete the unaccompanied minor travel file. The form will be requested at the time of check-in.

Travel document:
Please refer to the "Formalities" section above.

Ground Support :
Our ground agent will take care and assist him with his immigration formalities and the recovery of his checked baggage. The person accompanying the child to the airport must remain present until the departure of the flight. On arrival, your child is handed in the unaccompanied minor travel file on presentation of a document proving his identity. The person hosting the child must make himself known to our staff on the ground and be present before the arrival of the flight.


At the time of your reservation, it is important to specify if you are pregnant.
Pregnant women, who are in good health, have no history of premature birth and whose pregnancy is uncomplicated can travel on our flights until the 8th month of pregnancy without a medical certificate.

From your 8th month of pregnancy, a medical certificate will be required to travel. The medical certificate must be issued within 7 days before the trip and:
- To attest that the pregnancy presents no complication
- Mention the expected date of delivery
- The doctor must also expressly state that pregnancy is not a contraindication to air travel.

If the expected date of delivery is not specified on the medical certificate, the Commanding Officer may then deny boarding.

For special cases: at risk pregnancy, multiple pregnancy (from the 28th week), the future mother must submit a signed medical authorization 72 hours before the scheduled departure. The medical authorization must indicate that the doctor considers it fit physically to fly on board an airplane. It must also include the estimated deadline.

We remind you that the allocation of seats located at emergency exits is not allowed to pregnant women.

Passenger with disabilities

To be able to your support and facilitate your trip, it is essential that you make your request for assistance at the time of booking your tickets and / or at least 48 hours before your departure.

Some specific assistance (transport of personal wheelchair, guide dog,) require a prior request from our booking service by email to specifying the nature of the assistance needed. You will then be contacted as soon as possible to finalize your travel booking.

We remind you that the allocation of seats at emergency exits is not allowed to persons with disabilities.

Motor based disability:
If you want a ground assistance related to a permanent or temporary reduced mobility, we put at your disposal a wheelchair for your transfer between the terminal and the plane.

If you wish to travel with your own wheelchair, we recommend that you contact our booking service who will inform you about our acceptance and transport procedures. The size of our planes does not allow the loading of some heavy powered-batteries mobility aid. Your mobility aid must meet the transport requirements of electronic and electrical equipment.

Mental disability:
If you are blind or visually impaired, our ground staff will assist you with check-in, boarding, installation on board and receiving your luggage upon arrival.
If you are traveling with your guide dog, we will transport it at no extra charge. It must meet the conditions of transport described in the section pets policy

Intellectual disability:
People with intellectual disabilities are allowed to travel alone to the extent that they are able to understand and apply safety instructions. It is essential to specify when booking the degree of disability to provide assistance best suited. Our ground staff will assist you with check-in, boarding, installation on board and receiving your luggage upon arrival.

Respiratory difficulties:
Our aircrafts are not equipped with a therapeutic oxygen distribution system, we recommend that you bring your personal breathing apparatus as well as the spare batteries in the cabin for your trip. Only approved oxygen concentrators are allowed on board and may be used during flight if needed. Please contact us in advance to obtain our agreement and consult the list of approved oxygen concentrators.

Accompanying person and medical clearance

Certain pathology or handicap may require the presence on board of a companion. An accompanying person is considered to be a third party capable of assisting the passenger with a permanent or temporary disability under his care or with medical personnel. He must be physically able to move them.

Passenger with a heavy handicap:
For safety reasons, we ask for a companion when the passenger suffers from a severe motor handicap related to a permanent or temporary reduced mobility or intellectual disability and is not able to move, understand or apply the safety instructions.

Sanitary repatriate:
Unaccompanied medical repatriation is allowed on our scheduled flights provided that the passenger can occupy a seat in a seated position and is able to apply the safety instructions. The passenger must be in possession of a certificate of suitability for air travel issued by his doctor.
Stretcher repatriation is carried out only in private flight.The passenger must be in possession of a certificate of suitability for air travel issued by his doctor and must be accompanied. Medical personnel are requiredwhen medical assistance or the use of special medical equipment may be required during the flight.

Are you traveling soon and need special assistance?
Send your request by email to:

Animals in hold:
St Barth Commuter does not accept animals in its cargo holds.
The holds of our aircraft are exiguous, and are neither lit nor ventilated, so they are not suitable for transporting animals.

Animals in cabin:
We welcome your pets (cats and dogs only) in the cabin.
Only one animal per passenger, whose weight does not exceed 8 kg (18 lb) is accepted.

The weight of your pet will be taken into account in your carry-on baggage allowance at check-in. In addition to your authorized deductible, a fee may then apply.

Your pet's acceptance in the cabin is subject to visual screening and weighing at the airport at check-in. The diverted use of the emotional support dog transport service may result in the animal being refused.

Conditions of transportation :
As the total number of pets in the cabin is limited, their transportation is subject to prior agreement. It is essential to indicate this at the time of booking in order to check availability and confirm your pet's reservation on your flight.
Your dog or cat must:
- Present a valid vaccination certificate.
- Weigh a maximum of 8 kg (weight checked at check-in).
- Travel in an approved soft bag no larger than 43 x 35 x 24 cm.
- Must be clean, healthy, non-hazardous and odorless, and must not disturb other passengers.
- Have satisfied its natural needs prior to boarding.
- The bag must be sufficiently ventilated to allow your pet to stand up and turn around.
- Your pet must remain in the bag for the duration of the flight.
- The bag must remain closed at all times.
- The bag must be placed on your lap for the duration of the flight.
- You can only carry one pet per bag.

Passengers traveling with an animal in the cabin cannot occupy a seat near an emergency exit and be seated next to another passenger traveling with a cabin animal.

For safety reasons, dogs carriers are not accepted in the cabin or in the hold, regardless of size.

Trained service animals:
Trained service animals have been specifically trained to help people living with disabilities perform everyday actions. Here are some examples:
• Visual acuity defects
• deafness
• Crises
• Difficulties with mobility
They are accepted in the cabin at no additional cost. Their transport is subject to the following conditions:
- Only one (1) service animal is accepted on board.
- You must inform the company at least 48 hours prior to the departure,
- The presentation of the master's disability card is mandatory,
- The animal must be identified by a plate or harness. Otherwise, you must provide certificate justifying its function,
- It must respect all the health requirements of the country of departure, arrival and/or correspondence,
- It must be kept on a leash for the duration of the flight, and must not obstruct the central aisle and emergency exits of the aircraft.
- Their behavior must be irreproachable in all circumstances,
- That your animal has satisfied his natural needs before boarding.

Emotional support animals (ESAN):
Only dogs and cats recognized as "emotional support animals or psychiatric assistance (ESAN)" whose weight does not exceed 8 kg (17 lb)are accepted in the cabin for qualified persons with disabilities. A medical certificate dating back less than one year is mandatory. This certificate must be prepared by a mental health specialist (psychologist, psychiatrist) and certify your regular monitoring and your permanent need for the presence of the animal.

Important :
Only one (1) ESAN is accepted aboard our aircraft.
You must obtain the prior agreement our Reversation Department before travelling.

The ESAN is allowed to travel on the lap of its master and must:
- Respect all the health requirements of the countries of departure, arrival and/or correspondence,
- Be identified by a license plate or harness and the certificate proving that it is a service dog,
- Be on a leash for the duration of the flight,
- To behave irreproachably in all circumstances,
- Having satisfied his natural needs before boarding,
- To travel on the knees of his master or if his size does not allow it, leave it firmly, sitting behind the seat of his master.

Passengers traveling with a service animal in the cabin may not occupy a seat near an emergency exit and may not be seated next to another passenger traveling with a cabin animal.

Since October 1st ,2004, the transport of pets is subject to new regulations. To be admitted on board, your pet must have all his vaccines up to date. It must also have a European passport and be identified by means of an electronic chip.

Please refer to the rules that apply to the transport of dogs and cats between different EU Member States, but also from third countries here.

Additional health and sanitary conditions are required for your trips to certain EU member states and for trips outside the European Union. Please inquire about regulations in the countries of origin and arrival. (Complementary vaccinations, quarantine, etc.)

The transportation of animals less than 8 weeks old (between metropolitan France and the West Indies) is prohibited. Your pet must comply with government regulations regarding the importation, export and transit of live animals.

The transport of the animals from/to Sint Marteen (SXM) requires a prior request duly completed and validated by the authorities in charge.The form Application for permission to import Animals must be completed and sent up to 4 days before each flight, by email to:
Important: this application concerns all passengers entering or transiting the territory of Sint Maarten only. In the absence of this document, or if it has not been validated before entering the territory, animals may be quarantined or refused entry.

Prohibited animals:
1st category and 2nd category dangerous dogs, as defined by the French Ministry of Agriculture, are not allowed in the cabin. Please consult the breeds concerned on the Administration website.

Prohibited or regulated products on import:

The import and export of perishable goods, such as food, plants ..., is prohibited or severely restricted, depending on the country. Inquire at the consular or customs services of the countries of destination and transit.

Plants and plant products (flowers, fruits, vegetables, plants ...), which may be vectors of contamination by harmful organisms, are compulsorily subject to phytosanitary control on their entry into the European Union. Nevertheless, tolerances are provided to travelers from the phytosanitary inspection of the plants contained in their baggage, subject to respecting quantities.

Foodstuffs of animal origin and products of animal origin are restricted: meat, meat products, milk and milk products are prohibited in personal parcels and travelers' luggage .

Medications are allowed when imported for personal use, that is, in amounts corresponding to 3 months of non-prescription treatment.

Counterfeits that often endanger your safety, your health or that of your children, constitute a customs offense and punishable by heavy fines (up to € 300,000) and imprisonment for up to 3 years.

The import of certain protected animals is strictly prohibited. For more information, we invite you to consult the decree of January 21, 2015, fixing the quantities of plants, plant products and other objects authorized for importation in third-country passenger baggage and to consult the Customs website.

You will soon be traveling with our airline aboard one of our CESSNA Grand Caravan aircraft having a capacity of 9 passengers.

We kindly inform you that our aircraft do not have lavatory.

Having no cabin crew, we would like to inform you of our basic rules for your safety and comfort during the flight. Our ground staff will take care of reminding you the safety instructions at the time of your boarding and will be at your disposal for any further information.

For your comfort:
We remind you that is a non-smoking flight and the use of electronic cigarettes is not allowed on board.

The use of electronic devices during flight may cause interference with aircraft equipment. We kindly ask you to turn them off before take-off or use them in airplane mode only during the flight.

Your largest cabin baggage must be stored at the back of the cabin in the dedicated area. Your small luggage such as purse, laptop bag should be stored in a way that does not impede the aisle and the emergency exits. If you are traveling with your pet in the cabin, it must be placed in its bag on your lap and remain completely in the bag for the duration of the flight.

For your safety:
As soon as you board the aircraft, your seat belt must be fastened before take-off and remained fasten during the entire flight until the arrival at the parking spot.

The emergency exits are located at the front and at the rear of the cabin with the life raft. 
Lifejackets are located in the pocket in front of you or under your seat.

A safety notice is available in the pocket in front of your seat. We kindly ask you to read it carefully to be aware of our safety procedures and the aircraft evacuation process.

As Princess Juliana Airport is still undergoing post-Irma reconstruction, the transfer process may be reviewed and modified as work progresses.
Our ground staff will be available to welcome you upon arrival and assist you with the transfer process.

For more information, please visit the SXM Airport web site.

  1. From Guadeloupe to St-Barthélemy: 

    Passengers in-transit in Guadelooupe :
    After baggage claim in the arrival hall, passengers must go to the regional terminal to proceed with check-in on ST BARTH COMMUTER flight.

    Passengers staying/residing in Guadeloupe:
    Check-in on your St Barth Commuter flight is done at the regional terminal.

    Note :
    ST BARTH COMMUTER flights are handled by Caribbean Handling agents. They open the check-in process as soon as they have handled the passengers coming from St-Barth. Therefore, we kindly ask you to be patient.

  2. From St-Barthélemy to Guadeloupe:
    Passengers arriving from St-Barthélemy on our flights are invited to collect their luggage in the arrival hall located in the main terminal (international flights).


Passengers departing from Antigua with us:

  • If the passengers are in transit :
    They will be met at the Jet Bridge and escorted through immigration and customs by a Signature Flight Support agent (handling company). Their checked bags will be sent over to our aircraft while passengers will be escorted to the departure lounge and then to our aircraft.
  • If passengers are already staying on the island of Antigua:
    They must go directly to the Signature Flight Support desk located into the check-in area.

Passengers arriving into Antigua with us:
Upon your arrival in Antigua, the handler will meet you at our aircraft. You will be escorted through immigration and customs, and then to the check in counter of your next flight if you are connecting to the international.

Travel Information

Scheduled flights

If you want to modify your scheduled flight(s) :
Less than 48h before your departure date, your ticket is NON MODIFIABLE.
More than 48 hours, your ticket is modifiable without extra fees.

If you want to cancel your scheduled flight(s) :
If you cancel your flight less than 48 hours prior the date of your flight or in case of no-show, your ticket is non refundable.
If you cancel your flight more than 48 hours prior the date your flight, you will be refund with a penalty of 20%.

If your St Barth Commuter flight is cancelled, you have the option of rebooking on another flight or taking a refund if you choose not to travel. However, no compensation can be offered if your flight is cancelled due to extraordinary circumstances (weather conditions, security risks).

The check-in time limit is 30 minutes before the departure time of your flight. Beyond that time limit, you will be considered as a "no-show" passenger.
The flight check-in opens 1h00 prior to departure.
Passengers must have valid ID and travel documents ready to proceed for check-in.


Travel Information

Charter flights

Once your charter booking is confirmed, any change (date, time and/or route) is subject to a change fee of 200 €.
For any change request, please send us an email to:

Cancellation request:
For any cancellation request, please send us an email to :

Cancellation policy:
If you want to cancel your charter flight(s) :
- No-show : refund of taxes only.
- Less than 72 hours (3 days) prior to departure : Refund of taxes only or voucher valid 12 months with a 200€ fee.
- Less than 15 days prior to departure : refund with a penalty of 50% or full voucher valid 12 months.
- More than 15 days prior to departure : refund with a penalty of 25% or full voucher valid 12 months.

If your St Barth Commuter flight is cancelled, you have the option of rebooking another slot free of charge or requesting a refund if you choose not to travel.

Important notice :
If your flight is cancelled due to extraordinary circumstances (weather conditions, security risks, runway closed,...), airlines are not required to allow a refund. 
Nevertheless, taxes will be refunded. 


The check-in time limit is 30 minutes before the departure time of your flight. Beyond that time limit, you will be considered as a "no-show" passenger.
Passengers must have valid ID and travel documents ready to proceed for check-in.


Your personnal data are processed in conformity of RGPD regulations.
More information