St Barth Commuter is pleased to present its 6th aircraft!


The arrival of our 6th plane

This particular aircraft, compared to the ones we already have, is equipped with the latest evolution of software for the on-board avionics. The G1000 Nxi. It brings new features in terms of flight safety and navigation.

The delivery of an aircraft is always a rather heavy and intense process:
- The detailed aircraft examination stage, the ground check, the aircraft inspection, the acceptance flight and the documentary inspection were completed on June 20, 2022

- The closing and signatures were performed on June 21, 2022

Then comes the American registration N3003U for the convoying from Indepenence to Wichita, Wichita to Meridian, Meridian to Fort Lauderdale then Providenciales and finally St Barth. This represents more than 13 hours of flight in several stages over 2 days.

Currently the plane is in the process of being registered in France and we hope to have it online in August 2022.

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