This June 15, 2024, the Olympic flame will be on the island of Guadeloupe.

On this occasion, St Barth commuter informs you of the implementation of regular flights on this special weekend.


The 2024 Olympic Torch will be in Guadeloupe for 1 day

On this occasion, St Barth commuter informs you of the implementation of regular flights on this special weekend.

Friday June 14 SBH PTP 5.15pm  //  Sunday June 16 PTP SBH 17:00

Saturday June 15 PTP SBH 8:30am  //  Sunday June 16 SBH PTP 3:00 pm

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This June 15, 2024, the Olympic Flame will arrive in Pointe-à-Pitre, aboard a racing multihull, the Maxi Banque Populaire XI, after crossing the Atlantic with a prestigious crew. 

The Flame will begin its route on the island at the ACTe Memorial, a cultural and historical site that retraces the painful history of the slave trade and slavery. 
This first itinerary leads to the Palais des Sports in Le Gosier.

From there, it's on to Saint-François, to the Pointe des Châteaux, Guadeloupe's most visited site, offering incredible views of the surrounding islands. 

The next stops will be in Le Moule, then at the CREPS de Guadeloupe, an establishment of excellence that brings together the region's most promising young athletes. The Flamme Olympique then heads for Petit-Bourg.

It will then head for Saint-Claude and Basse-Terre. 

It will also reach the Saintes archipelago before returning to the main island.

Baie-Mahault will welcome the Olympic Flame in the late afternoon. After a walk through Baie-Mahault, the Flamme Olympique will end its journey at the Vélodrome Amédée Detraux. 
It is in this stadium, the largest in Guadeloupe, that the cauldron will be lit at the end of the evening.


Among the torchbearers on the Guadeloupe stage will be :
Raymonde Nebot (Moscow 1980 and Los Angeles 1984 Games),Yann Jacques (para sport), 
Frédérique Merlin (basketball, lifesaving sports and teacher), 
Angelio Courtois (technical director in a Judo club and high-level champion himself), Hugo Thelier (traditional sailing, windsurfing, trainer at the Pôle Espoirs), 
Nicole Tripoli (former basketball player and president of the "Lupus Guadeloupe" association), Patrice Palmont (world triathlon and Ironman champion), 
Karine Losio (former track and field competitor), 
Rilana Thicot (parasportive)...

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