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St Barth R Way SBH

ST BARTH R WAY SBH can make your transfer easier at the airport of:

  • St. Maarten Juliana (SXM)
  • St. Barths (SBH)
  • San Juan, Puerto-Rico (SJU)
  • Antigua (ANU)
  • Pointe-a-Pitre (PTP)
(+590) 590 271 235
(+590) 590 523 909
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Transfer procedure

St. Maarten Juliana
to St.Barts

Step 1

Upon arrival into St Maarten airport, the St Barth R Way agents will meet and Greet you at the "TRANSFER INFORMATION DESK" (a green sign) which is just before immigration. They will escort you directly to the St Barth Commuter check in counter to get checked on your flight to St. Barts.

Step 2

In order to complete check in, St Barth Commuter will need your bags receipts to allow the VIP agent to collect your bags from the belt, as soon as they come off your inbound international flight.

Step 3

Bags will then be handed to St Barth Commuter agents to be checked on your flight. Bags receipts will then be given back to you, along with the new ones.
This process will have you avoid immigration lines and wait.

Step 4

The St Barth R Way agent will advise us of your exact landing time in St. Barts so we can meet and greet you at the plane upon landing.

St Barth R Way team will make sure that your Hotel/Villa rep are advised of your arrival.

Transfer procedure

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St. Maarten Juliana (SXM) to St. Barts (SBH)

VIP Service Bags pick-up / delivery
1 passenger 144 € 58 €
2 passengers 202 € 58 €
3 passengers 252 € 72 €
4-5 passengers 337.50 € 99 €
6-9 passengers 432 € 135 €
10 passengers and more +45 €/pax +10 €/pax

Services between Dec 1st and Jan 31th : + 50 €

J-1 Booking : + 30%

D-Day Booking : + 50%

Night rate (700pm - 700am) : + 30%

For the other destinations, please contact info@stbarthrway.com

* No discount between December 1st and January 31th

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